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OMS Smart Metering: Certification Made Easy

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Cologne, March 6, 2017 – OMS-Group is providing a new testing tool that enables the certification of smart meter communication. The testing tool is used by the certification authority to assure that devices conform with the OMS specifications. It can also be used by manufacturers who developed unidirectional smart metering devices according to the OMS standard, to verify whether the OMS specifications have been implemented correctly, before they apply for certification. Their customers can also benefit from the testing tool because it enables them to perform their own conformity testing of the smart meter communication interface.


The main customers of smart meters for electricity, gas, thermal energy and water which were developed according to OMS specifications, are utilities, the housing industry (consumption billing) and the industry (energy management systems). In addition, OMS smart meters provide interfaces to KNX-based building automation systems. They meet the strict security requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), enable interoperability, data security, access protection and state-of-the-art encryption. All OMS devices by different manufacturers can be combined with each other in one communication system. More than 50 European companies are working together in the OMS-Group. Their first common focus is market-ready unidirectional smart meters that measure the consumption data of all energy types and can transmit it safely.


This goal has now been achieved. OMS-Group not only provides a test specification for unidirectional OMS smart meters, but also the tool to conduct an automated conformity test. The testing tool is a software product that is installed on a PC. The software analyzes the communication of OMS smart meters, and creates a results protocol.


The OMS testing tool can be ordered from the OMS-Group website (www.oms-group.org).

Conformance Test Tool 4.0