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It’s autumn in Europe – the ideal season for conferences, meetings and reunions. We hope to meet many of the OMS-Group members at the 7th Plenary Session of OMS-Group e. V. on November 23 in Bonn (see the last item of this newsletter). Another chance to meet and speak with other members will be at the European Utility Week in Barcelona next week, November 15–17 (see our first news item). We will be delighted to see you soon!

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Charles van Dyck
Head of the OMS working group Marketing
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Meet the OMS Team at the European Utility Week!

The European Utility Week is the most important meeting point for the smart utility community. This year, the annual event will take place in Barcelona, Spain, November 15–17, 2016. The OMS-Group team is looking forward to meeting you at booth 3H48. Twenty-one members of OMS-Group will set up their own booths at the European Utility Week 2016: Adeunis RF, Apator GmbH, Diehl Metering GmbH, DNV GL, Kema Elster GmbH, Endetec Homerider Systems, Flonidan A/S, GWF MessSysteme AG, Iskraemeco d.d., Itron Holding Germany GmbH, Kamstrup A/S, Landis+Gyr GmbH, ON Semiconductor, Power Plus Communications AG, Qundis GmbH, Radiocrafts AS, Sensus GmbH, Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Development Co Ltd., Siemens AG, VIPA CZ s.r.o., and Zenner International GmbH & Co. KG.

Update of the OMS Specification: Volume 2 Version 4.1.1

The OMS specification presently consists of three parts. Volume 2 defines the primary communication between the meter or actuator and the gateway. This part has been reviewed and comments by OMS-Group members have been incorporated. Volume 2 V4.1.1 will be submitted for approval at the General Meeting of the OMS-Group on November 23 in Bonn.

Cooperation with the IDIS Association

OMS-Group and the Interoperable Device Interface Specifications (IDIS) Association, based in Zug, Switzerland, have agreed on a technical cooperation to develop an interoperable multi-utility solution for smart metering applications. Four large Belgian utilities that had decided on IDIS technology for electricity metering had approached OMS-Group to jointly develop a multi-utility solution that could integrate other energy meters. In a first step, OMS-Group’s working group 1 and the Belgian utilities defined use cases. Together with the Belgian utilities, the OMS WG 1 is currently working out the details of how these use cases can be mapped out in the communicative solutions of OMS. First results have already been developed. The project is expected to being completed by the end of 2017. The results of the project will be included into the European standardization process.
OMS & KNX White Paper

OMS-Group and the KNX Association have finalized a white paper on OMS & KNX that has now been approved by the OMS-Group executive board. It describes the technological basis for the data exchange between smart metering and smart building. The white paper forms the initial basis for the planned OMS test specification according to EN 50491-11.

The interconnection of smart metering and smart building data is key to achieving energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions. It is also a prerequisite for energy management systems. The most effective way to achieve these goals is the interconnection of energy data in an interoperable system that incorporates all energy types: the Open Metering System OMS.
All About OMS

OMS-Group’s spokesman Werner Domschke wrote an article on the Open Metering System for the German book “Digitalisierung der Energiewirtschaft“ (Digitization of the Power Economy), edited by Christiana Köhler-Schute and published by KS-Energy-Verlag. The article focuses on the contribution digitization can make to the energy transition. Domschke also wrote an article for the German magazine “GI – Gebäudetechnik in Wissenschaft & Praxis“ with coauthor Martin Hoh (“Bündelangebote können Energie- und CO2 Einsparungen unterstützen“ – Product Bundling can Support Energy and CO2 Savings). And he is one of the speakers at the series of lectures “Finalising EU Guidelines on the Implementation of EED Articles 9-11”. The title of his lecture in Berlin on November 8 is “Open Metering System Specification – The way to cost-effective and easy-to-achieve changes in energy use.”

Plenary Session of the OMS-Group in Bonn

The 7th Plenary Session of OMS-Group e. V. will take place on November 23, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. at the headquarters of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW, Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e. V.), Josef-Wirmer-Straße 1, 53123 Bonn, Germany. Many members have announced that they plan to attend the Plenary Session and we hope many more will register soon. The agenda includes the OMS-Group Annual Report and Financial Statements, reports of the working groups, the approval of specifications and technical reports, a review of certifications, of the standardization process and the OMS-Group marketing and public relations activities.

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