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Dear readers,

Many members of the OMS-Group will be visiting the E-world energy & water. Nineteen members of our group will be exhibiting their solutions at the show. We are convinced that these are the best smart grid solutions you will find at the E-world. So see you soon in Essen!

Best regards,
Charles van Dyck
Head of the OMS working group Marketing
Email: charles.van.dyck@planet.nl
Testing Tool for OMS Generation 4 Meters

The „OMS Conformance Test Tool“ for Generation 4.0 is now available. Thus, manufacturers of OMS-compliant devices can now initiate the certification of unidirectional metering devices according to OMS specification generation 4.0.

The highlight of this product is the implementation of the OMS Security Profile B, which is required by the German legislation to be able to meet the BSI security requirements in smart metering. Automated testing of devices creates benefits for manufactures by securing the proper implementation during the development process, and benefits for utilities by allowing them to check devices for conformity. Having all tests integrated into one tool administrated by the OMS-Group will eliminate inconsistencies of results and thereby secure highly reliable test results.

To order the test tool version 4 please return the filled order form to the OMS Office. For the conditions please read the attached license agreement. Mailto: office@oms-group.eu, or fax +49 231 427867 32.

OMS at the E-world energy & water

Nineteen member companies of OMS-Group will be exhibiting at the E-world energy & water (February 7–9 in Essen). This is where you can find them:

  • Apator S.A.: hall 2, booth 2-230
  • Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service GmbH: hall 3, booth 3-370
  • Diehl Metering GmbH: hall 2, booth 2-514
  • DNV GL: hall 3, booth 3-442
  • Elster Solutions GmbH: hall 1, booth 1-418
  • Görlitz AG: hall 3, booth 3-414
  • Heinz Lackmann GmbH & Co. KG: hall 3, booth 3-460
  • Itron Zähler & Systemtechnik GmbH: hall 6, booth 6-120
  • Ingenieurbüro H.Lertes GmbH & Co. KG: hall 7, booth 7-240
  • Landis+Gyr GmbH: hall 3, booth 3-218
  • NZR Nordwestdeutsche Zählerrevision Ing. Aug. Knemeyer GmbH & Co. KG: hall 2, booth 2-224
  • Relay GmbH: hall 6, booth 6-228
  • Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH: hall 3, booth 3-444
  • Sagemcom Fröschl GmbH: hall 3, booth 3-444
  • Siemens AG: hall 3, booth 3-211
  • Smarvis GmbH: hall 6, booth 6-302
  • solvimus GmbH: hall 6, booth 6-100
  • Tixi.Com GmbH & Co. KG: hall 6, booth 6-317
  • Zenner International GmbH & Co. KG: hall 6, booth 6-518

The OMS Certification System

The OMS label is awarded to all devices that comply with the patent-free Open Metering System specification and were certified by an independent certification body. These are the five steps of the certification process:
  1. Use the OMS specification in your devices.
  2. Buy the test tool for internal testing and preparation of the certification (recommended).
  3. Apply for the certification at DVGW-Cert. The devices will be tested by DVGW-EBI.
  4. After successful testing DVGW-Cert will send you the certificate.
  5. With the certificate you can apply for the OMS label and be listed on the OMS website.
If you have any questions concerning the certification process, please contact Dr. Jens Hoffmann at DVGW-EBI

OMS-Group Board Meeting

The first OMS-Group board meeting of 2017 took place on January 24 in Nuremberg – many thanks to Diehl Metering GmbH for their hospitality!

The most important news from the board meeting is the release of the OMS conformance testing tool for unidirectional devices according to OMS Generation 4. The executive board also adjusted the license agreement so that it is possible to continuously obtain the most recent version of the testing tool for an annual fee.

The board received three requests regarding the New Work Item Proposal (NWIP), which had been adopted at OMS-Group’s General Meeting in November 2016. The proposal by Andreas Herz of Qundis to create a new working group was accepted. The work assignment of the new working group WG 6 is to develop specifications for the data transmission from the OMS interface to the EN 50491-11 interface, and to develop a test specification for the certification of a gateway for this data transmission. The two other proposals were content-related and will be taken into account by the new WG 6.

The executive board discussed current market developments in order to draw conclusions regarding the further development of the OMS specification. The next board meeting will continue this discussion which was summarized in the catchphrase “OMS between regulated markets and the Internet of Things (IoT)“.

The board thanked Achim Reissinger, who had asked to step down as convener of WG 4, for his commitment, in particular for creating and managing the working group WG 4. The OMS-Group executive board wishes him and all of you good health and a successful 2017!

Dr. Werner Domschke, Spokesman and Secretary of OMS-Group e.V.


Stackforce GmbH is offering a two-day OMS / wireless M-Bus training, on Tuesday,
March 7, and Wednesday, March 7, on the Stackforce premises in Heitersheim in Southern Germany. The target group of this course is product managers, project managers and developers.

Events 2017

There will be plenty of opportunities to get in touch with members of the OMS-Group this year. Here are just some of the dates you should mark in your calendar:
  • E-world energy & water 2017: February 7–9, Essen, Germany
  • metering days 2017: September 19–20, Fulda, Germany
  • European Utility Week 2017: 3-5 October, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • OMS-Group General Meeting: November 23, Bonn, Germany

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