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OMS-Group and nine member companies will be present at the “metering days 2017”, a major event for the energy metering industry in Germany. The conference language is German, but the exhibition will be multi-lingual. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Charles van Dyck
Head of the OMS working group Marketing
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Meet us at the metering days!

OMS-Group is participating in the “metering days”, a two-day exhibition and conference dedicated to smart metering which is taking place in Fulda, Germany, from September 19 to 20, 2017. OMS-Group has a group stand at the event, and nine member companies will be presenting their metering solutions at their exhibition booths: Apator, Diehl Metering, Honeywell, Iskraemeco, Itron, Lackmann, Landis + Gyr, Relay, and Zenner. Carsten Lorenz, Head of Product Management at Honeywell and Member of the Executive Board of OMS-Group, will give a talk on OMS Communication in the Local Metrological Network at the conference.

Members of the group will exhibit smart meters that have been developed, tested and certified according to OMS Spec. 4.0. OMS-Group will also present international reference projects and collaborations at the event. The metering days are an excellent opportunity to meet the experts of OMS-Group. We hope to see you in Fulda!

Welcome to our new member

Badger Meter Europa GmbH has joined OMS-Group in July. Founded in 1972, Badger Meter Europa is a leading manufacturer of flow meters and serves the global flow measurement market with products for water utilities, industrial and commercial markets including energy and petroleum, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, HVAC, wastewater, automotive and process industries. The company’s products are used to measure and control the flow of liquids. With the guiding principle “We measure and control the resources of our world”, Badger Meter Europa employs 67 people and achieves an annual turnover of 28 million euros.

OMS Conformance Tester

The OMS Conformance Tester V4 is now available. The new version of the OMS conformance test tool supports automatic updates to future versions. It also supports MBWUSB2 – a receiver and transmitter – for testing purposes. The OMS Conformance Tester helps manufacturers ensure that products are compliant with the OMS specification. It is also a valuable tool for utilities and suppliers who want to verify that devices are interoperable and meet the high OMS quality standards. To request an order form, please send an e-mail to the OMS Office (office@oms-group.eu).

OMS-Group Board Meetings

Two OMS-Group Executive Board meetings took place since the last OMS newsletter news4all was published. The main topic of both meetings was the strategy of the OMS-Group. Key aspects of these discussions were the image, the technology, and the organization of the group, while taking account of the available financial means.

In June, the focus was on technology. The Executive Board noted that in the beginning, OMS-Group’s claim was to provide the only open communication system for smart metering in Europe. This target was largely achieved in 2017. OMS is interoperable, suitable for all energy segments, multivendor-capable, and meets the highest requirements for data security and data protection. There is still more to do. In particular, the specification and the basis for the certification of bidirectional devices must be completed.

The Executive Board has worked out the following vision:

• Maintenance and support of the OMS specification in a changing technological market
  environment (e.g. LPWAN and notably IoT).
• The certification of OMS is a matter of course in Europe.
• Bidirectional radio and wire communication is established.
• Proprietary sub-metering systems will die out in the long term; OMS will be able to prevail.
• OMS is part of Smart Home + Building and Smart City. OMS is the communication
  system for smart meters as well as for many different sensors.

Next year, the Executive Board will define the necessary strategic tasks and put them up for discussion with the OMS-Group members in the 2018 General Meeting.

The focus of the Executive Board Meeting in August was on the future organization of the OMS-Group. The spokesman and secretary of OMS-Group Dr. Werner Domschke announced that he will not run for re-election in 2018 because he plans to retire. Therefore, it makes sense to vote for a second spokesperson of the Executive Board, as permitted by the statutes of the OMS-Group. In the remaining time before the election of the new spokesman, the second spokesperson is to become acquainted with his duties as representative of the Executive Board.

Dr. Werner Domschke suggested Andreas Bolder as second spokesperson of the OMS-Group. Mr. Bolder is a long-standing member of the OMS Executive Board, has led the working group 2 and is currently actively involved in working group 1. His experience in standardization processes (CEN, DIN, DKE) and his participation in various committees deserve special mention. He has also published several papers on OMS. Mr. Bolder was elected unanimously. The Board congratulated Mr. Bolder on his election.

Events 2017

Members of the OMS-Group are present at many industry meetings. Here are some of the events you should visit to meet the OMS experts.

• metering days 2017:
  September 19–20, Fulda, Germany
• European Utility Week 2017:
  October 3–5, Amsterdam,
  The Netherlands
• 11th M2M Summit: October 10–11,
   Düsseldorf, Germany
• OMS-Group General Meeting: November 23, Bonn, Germany
• gat | wat 2017: November 28–30, Cologne, Germany

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