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The OMS-Group is on the move. Two new members, increasing demand for the OMS Testtool, along with inspiring exhibitions and presentation at the Light + Building 2018 and the Smart Building Summit in Stuttgart provide the perfect starting point for further OMS promotion. This newsletter presents an overview of the recent and upcoming OMS-Group activities. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information or come and visit us at one of our exhibitions.

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Wiener Netze: Vienna becomes a Smart City

From August 2018, the first OMS-certified meters will be delivered and installed in Vienna. This will make Vienna the first German-speaking metropolis to operate a Smart Grid with wireless remote meter reading.
Vienna's networks are Austria's largest combined network operators: More than two million customers in Vienna, parts of Lower Austria and Burgenland are supplied with electricity, gas, district heating and telecommunications through their lines.

With the "Smart City Vienna framework strategy", Vienna has defined a long-term umbrella strategy for the period from now until 2050. This is implemented with specific goals that are staggered in time and are subject to permanent monitoring. Within this framework, the Vienna grid will start installing the first 30,000 digital power meters in parts of Vienna and Burgenland this year. By the end of 2022, 1.6 million households in the supply area of the Vienna networks will be equipped with the new meters.

OMS is a prerequisite for EPBD 2018

The Council of the European Union formally endorsed the political agreement on the proposed revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) onMay 14. This means that the EPBD 2018 will soon replace the EPBD 2010. The intention is to make buildings as a whole more energy-efficient and to achieve decarbonisation of building stock by 2050. Following publication of the EPDB 2018 in all languages of the EU member states, a transition period of 20 months will be granted to integrate the new directive into national law. The OMS specification is a prerequisite for cross-line meter reading and transmission of energy consumption data as required by the EPBD directive.

Welcome to our New Members

OMS-Group is delighted to welcome two new members: Lansen Systems AB and KTC.

Lansen is a European hardware provider from Halmstad, Sweden focused on submetering and wireless solutions. They design and manufacture smart metering products mainly built to the Wireless M-BUS and OMS standard. They provide products with their brand as well as customized OEM products.

KTC (Korea Testing Certification) has been dedicated to enhancing the safety and quality of electric and electronic products, having up-to-date technology accumulated so far along with the facilities equipped with high capability and properties, ever since its inception in 1970 as a National Official Professional Testing Research Institute.

OMS-Group Board met on June 7th

The Executive Board of the OMS-Group met in Cologne on June th. Here is a summary given by Andreas Bolder, second spokesman of the OMS-Group.

The main focus of the discussion was on the strategic orientation in view of the technical direction, new technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the upcoming EU's Energy Efficiency Directive (EED 2018). The resulting strategy is to be presented to the General Meeting on November 29th.

DVGW Cert in Bonn, Germany is currently the certification body that is responsible for the certification of OMS compliant devices and that is recognized by the OMS-Group. In the future the Executive Board intends to recognize other test labs and certifiers. The manufacturers will then have the choice of various OMS test centers. Some labs and certifiers are currently striving to support OMS testing and certification. As soon as additional test labs and certifiers are available, they will be communicated in the OMS Newsletter.

The OMS trademark rights are re-coordinated with the trademark owners. All outstanding questions and responsibilities will hopefully be discussed and clarified by the Executive Board by the end of this year.

OMS presented Smart Metering at Light + Building 2018

Metering technology with M-Bus and wireless M-Bus was presented at this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt. During the fair, a KTC delegation visited the booth and discussed the OMS-Group membership with the representatives onsite. Jörg Fischer from Relay, Vice chair of the OMS WG-5, Hermann Lertes from Ingenieurbüro Lertes, and Remo Reichel from Solvimus welcomed the KTC delegation and a large number of other visitors at the booth.
Jörg Fischer gave a presentation on “Smart metering with OMS” at the OPEN BUILDING SYSTEMS Marketplace that focused on the interoperability of meters and sensors based on wireless M-Bus. The video of the speech is available at the Youtube channel of the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU), which was one of the exhibition hosts.

Smart Building Summit reflected on OMS

Executive Board member Wolfgang Esch, WEPTECH elektronik, presented the OMS-Group at the Smart Building Summit 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. "New interfaces and the OMS Standard” was his topic on May 16. The presentation was part of session 4 on standards, wireless technologies and protocols. The fact that the certification of highly secure smart meter gateways was announced by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) finally creates the nucleus of a highly secure smart home and building system. And it was a "tailwind" for the topic of smart homes and buildings at the Smart Building Summit 2018.

Events 2018

Meet the OMS experts! Here are some of the dates you should put in your calendar:
  • metering days 2018: October 23 + 24, 2018 in Fulda

  • European Utility Week Vienna, November 6–8, 2018

  • OMS General Meeting, November 29, 2018


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