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The Corona crisis has not prevented the OMS-Group from continuing to grow – in this newsletter we are pleased to introduce three new OMS members and five new OMS certified interoperable devices in the product listing to you. The OMS Conformance Test Tool recently became available with a second test frequency of 434 MHz. This allows devices to be tested in advance for compatibility with the OMS specification. Please read more about this below.

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Head of the OMS Working Group Marketing
Second Test Frequency and Video Tutorial for OMS Conformance Test

The latest version of the "OMS Conformance Test Tool" (CTT) enables testing of all OMS-compatible smart meters via the second frequency 434 MHz. The CTT provides the fastest and easiest way for metering point operators to check smart meters, in advance, for OMS or M-Bus compatibility to ensure that they meet the requirements for OMS Generation 4. In response to a number of international requests, the OMS-Group has now implemented a second verifiable frequency of 434 MHz, which can be used e.g. in the Middle East, South America and Asia. The previous transceiver can, however, still be used with this new frequency.

The new Video Tutorial on the OMS website clearly walks you through the standard steps in the conformance test of a device: Installing the software, connecting the supplied transceiver, identifying the smart meter to be tested, setting the test parameters and performing the test. Once this has been done it is very simple to submit the previously measured device and obtain OMS certification.
Five New Certified OMS Devices in Product Listing

The number of certified OMS devices is growing. Five new OMS Generation 4 products have recently been added to the product listing: Maddalena’s “Arrow EVO” Wireless M-Bus radio module, two Techem "Measuring capsule heat meters" – type 4.1.1 and type 4.5.1 – and two models of Techem "Pulse radio interface radio 4" – one for heat meters and the other one for water meters. OMS certification ensures compatibility with the OMS specification and opens up a broad market for manufacturers of interoperable smart meters. There are currently 29 devices listed on the OMS website.

Welcome to New OMS Members: Carlo Gavazzi, DZG and Hydroko

Carlo Gavazzi is an international group, active in designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic equipment. Its Automation Components Business Unit, in its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factories in Italy, designs and manufactures electronic control components for the global building and industrial automation markets in Lithuania, Malta and China. The products (sensors, monitoring relays, timers, energy management systems, solid-state relays, electronic motor controllers, safety devices and fieldbus systems) provide automation solutions for the industrial and building automation markets. The products are marketed across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific through a network of 22 own sales companies and around 60 independent national distributors.

Why did Carlo Gavazzi Controls S.p.A become an OMS-Group member?
Carlo Gavazzi is a leading manufacturer of solutions for MID submetering, based on Modbus and M-Bus protocols: developing a new energy meter with embedded Wireless M-Bus communication was the natural evolution of their mission. Their customers benefit from the only MID submeter for DIN-rail mounting with a fully integrated antenna, not even visible from the outside, allowing space and installation time savings. Even for such an innovative product Carlo Gavazzi has maintained the fully interoperability assured by being OMS compliant and part of the OMS-Group. Being in the OMS-Group means also simplifying the lives of customers who want to include, in addition to their products, a variety of meters, such as water or gas meters, building a real open metering system. No less important for Carlo Gavazzi is the activity of the Group within the organization standardization.

DZG Metering GmbH focuses on development, production and sales of electronic electricity meters and communication modules in the German and international Market. Furthermore, the company is a subsidiary of the DZG Oranienburg mbH and is actively involved in field projects of other subsidiaries of the DZG Oranienburg mbH:
  • Certified test center for electromechanical and electronic electricity meters (EBB1)
  • Assembly and logistics services in the energy industry (ELGAWA)
  • IT services (ZFA, EDM, SMGWA) (MeterPan GmbH)
  • Project planning and assembly of photovoltaic systems, electrical installations, etc. (IEL)

Why did DZG Metering GmbH become an OMS-Group member?
The DZG Metering is constantly expanding the functionalities of its modern measuring system to strengthen its communicative functionality. The company believes that the requirements of the OMS standards should be implemented from the beginning.

Hydroko is a privately owned industrial company based in Belgium whose core business is the distribution and production of top quality valves and accessories for the public water supply network. Hydroko has been a trustworthy supplier to the main Belgian water distribution companies for over 30 years. The groundbreaking, in-house development of a lead-free plastic valve propelled Hydroko to become the market leader in Belgium. Through recent innovations of a remote automated valve, the HydroKonekt Smart, Hydroko is now further expanding internationally through a network of carefully selected partners.

Why did Hydroko N.V. become an OMS-Group member?
Hydroko aims to expand the applicability of its HydroKonekt Smart water valve product by making it compatible with the OMS communication standard. Being compliant with this industry standard communication protocol is key to enable widespread adoption of their solution. Offering a product that can communicate with OMS compliant gateways ensures trouble-free installation and integration to customers and guarantees reliable data communication. Joining the OMS-Group is the next milestone in the development of Hydroko’s smart water valve.

News from the OMS Executive Board

Looking back at the statements in the last newsletter issued at the beginning of February, the OMS Board has to admit that things and the outlook on those things have quickly changed in a way most people would not have thought possible.

Despite all the restrictions in our social and business lives, we keep our focus on the continued evolution of the OMS-Group. What helps is that the OMS-Group, especially its active members, is a strong community. We rely on each other and we do not have to meet personally to keep our level of trust intact.

The Board held its scheduled meeting on May 4th, 2020 as a web meeting with all Board members taking part. Discipline was high so the meeting was closed on time with all points on the agenda addressed. The 2019 annual accounts have not yet been audited finally, but no surprises are expected. As mentioned in the 2019 General Meeting, OMS will internationalize the protection of its mark and, in addition to the EU, will also extend it to other European countries as well as selected countries in the Middle East and Asia. The implementation of that decision has been commissioned.

The panels dealing with Smart/Sub-Metering under the supervision of the German Ministry of Economics and the German Federal Office for Information Security have been postponed from the beginning of April to the end of June this year. While this has given us more time to deal with the draft documents and to prepare our comments, we are aware that three months have been lost and it is not possible to say at this time whether quality or time will be the deciding factor when looking at the goals of that project.

We will be wiser in the second half of this year. Until then the most important goal should be for everyone to remain in good health.
Events 2020

Meet the OMS experts! Here are some of the dates you should put in your calendar (subject to Corona):

  • metering days, Fulda, September 22–23, 2020

  • Enlit Europe (formerly European Utility Week), Milan, October 27–29, 2020 postponed to 2021!

  • OMS General Meeting, Berlin, December 1, 2020

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