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The OMS-Group continues to grow. In this newsletter we will introduce both a new OMS-Group member as well as three new OMS-certified devices. Technically, there is no standstill either; the amendments to the OMS Generation 4 specification bring numerous updates to the annexes. As already announced, the innovations in the OMS-Group are also visible in the Executive Board: The two new Board members from Denmark and Germany are introduced in detail below.

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Head of the OMS Working Group Marketing
New Versions of the OMS Specifications

The OMS General Meeting 2021 confirmed the new release 2021-12 of the OMS specification which was issued by the OMS working group for primary communications (AG1). This release is part of the OMS Generation 4 specifications and consists of the new Annex C (Sensors) of Volume 2 and revisions of Volume 1 (General Part, version 2.2.2) including its Annex A (Release D) and Volume 2 (Primary Communication, version 4.4.2) including its Annexes A (Release D) and B (Release E).

The release 2021-12 can be downloaded from the OMS Specification website (see link below) which was revised during the past year. The table of the available specifications has been enhanced and a one-click download opportunity "ARCHIVE WITH FULL RELEASE" for all documents of one release has been added.

In the section of the OMS Technical Reports the new version 1.0.9 of the OMS Technical Report 05 is available.
OMS-Group Welcomes its 69th Member: Müller-electronic GmbH from Germany

Founded in 1976, Müller-electronic is a medium-sized company with its registered office in Wennigsen (Hanover). The company is divided into two business units. It is both a service company for the development and production of electronic components, while also owning the product line µline in the field of consumption data acquisition. The product portfolio includes self-developed and manufactured heat cost allocators, radio add-on modules for water meters and radio pulse modules for electricity and heat meters. All “µline” products are manufactured at the factory in Wennigsen, so they are "Made in Germany". In addition, customers also receive all other meters and installation materials.

Why did Müller-electronic GmbH become an OMS-Group member?
All measuring instruments of the “µline” are equipped with an OMS-compatible radio, in the future, we would like to certify our devices according to the OMS radio standard. Through the membership we would like to keep informed about changes, requirements and further developments of the radio telegrams and let the know-how of the OMS-Group add to our products. Exchanging experiences with other members of the OMS-Group is also interesting. We would like to contribute our ideas and suggestions to the decisions of the OMS-Group in the future.
For the First Time: More Than 50 OMS-Certified Devices in Product Listing

The number of OMS-certified devices knows only one direction. Again, three more OMS Generation 4 devices have been added to our product listing since the beginning of the year.

Techem Energy Services contributes two radio ultrasonic meter: "vario 4 type 4.1.2" and "vario 4 type 4.1.3", both heat quantity meters. Also Techem's "FHKV radio 4", a radio heat cost allocator, switched from OMS Generation 3 to 4. The latest submission is the heat and cooling meter "MULTICAL® 303" from Kamstrup. In addition, numerous certificates were extended for existing devices.

OMS certification ensures compatibility with the OMS Specification and opens a broad market for manufacturers of interoperable smart meters. Currently 52 devices are listed on the OMS website.
Ahead with Renewed Vigor: New OMS-Group Board Members Ulrich Eff and Jens Hørdum

At the General Meeting of the OMS-Group in December 2021, two new members, Ulrich Eff from DIEHL Metering and Jens Hørdum from Kamstrup, were elected to the OMS-Group Executive Board, they have since been responsible for the fortunes of the OMS-Group together with the seven other Board members who were re-elected.

Welcome Ulrich Eff
"The combination of metering and communication is my main profession," says Ulrich Eff, Head of Associations & Alliances of DIEHL Metering GmbH in Ansbach, Germany, who was appointed to the Board of the OMS-Group. In the recent OMS General Meeting he stated: “I am happy to give my contribution to the OMS association and to the future development of wireless and wired M-Bus including the Open Metering System." Ulrich Eff is active in VDI, VDE TIC, DVGW CERT and working groups, e.g. as convenor of CEN/TC 92/WG 2 (Water Meter) and member of CEN/TC 176/WG 2 (Thermal Energy Meter). Since his graduation as Dipl.-Ing.(FH) in "Allgemeine Elektronik" in 1989 he is a specialist in the fields of metering for water, thermal energy and communication technologies.

Welcome Jens Hørdum
"Kamstrup stands for open culture and open, fair and visionary metering solutions for the common benefit and the common customers. I will also underpin these goals in the OMS-Group," Mr. Hørdum stated at the General Meeting 2021. Jens Hørdum has been working at Kamstrup A/S in Skanderborg, Denmark since 2014 as "Head of R&D Communication, IoT and Infrastructure". Prior to his current role, he held positions at Emerson Climate Technologies and Johnson Controls Marine Controls, among others. Jens Hørdum studied "Electronics Engineering" and "Organization and leadership" at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.
News from the Executive Board

After the General Meeting has elected the new Executive Board, the first Board meeting was held virtually at the beginning of February. Starting with two new members, tasks and responsibilities were reassigned or confirmed, mainly concerning the mentoring role of the Board towards the working groups and task forces of the OMS-Group. The close contact between the operative working groups and the Executive Board is vital for our further development. I am also very grateful for the trust of my fellow Board members to act once again, as the spokesperson for the next three years.

Also, the new dialogue forum between the members of the OMS-Group and the Executive Board was drafted and will be finalised in due time. We will continue our communication with our liaison partners and the negotiations with the certification institutes regarding branding OMS-certified devices with an OMS certification mark. We are optimistic to have this long-running topic of licencing the certification mark solved by the middle of the year.

In addition to the day to day work we are very concerned about the current situation in Ukraine. This unjust war has to end immediately! The result is and always will be destruction, corpses, widows, and orphans. War knows only losers. I therefore appeal to you: stand up for an end to this war. Support the persons seeking help, sanction the invader, and push for true diplomatic solutions. Indifference becomes guilt, when economy stands over justice!

Andreas Bolder
Spokesperson of the Executive Board
Events 2022

Meet the OMS experts! Here are some of the dates to mark in your calendar:

  • E-world energy & water, Essen, June 21–23, 2022 (new date)

  • metering days, Fulda, October 11–12, 2022

  • Enlit Europe, Frankfurt am Main, November 29 – December 1, 2022

  • OMS General Meeting, December 8, 2022

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