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The first major European face-to-face fair of the year for the metering sector will take place in Essen, Germany from June 21 to 23. Over a dozen OMS-Group members will exhibit at the E-world – these are presented below. In this newsletter there is also a call for contribution of the AG3, several new OMS-certified devices are listed – one also directly from one of the three new OMS members introduced here. Following the newly elected members of the Executive Board, two re-elected board members are presented in detail. Enjoy reading this newsletter.

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I look forward to meeting you at the E-world!

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15 OMS-Group Members at the E-world 2022 in Essen

The "E-world energy & water" in Essen, the European metering industry's first major face-to-face event this year, will take place from June 21 to 23. 15 OMS-Group members will present their interoperable meter solutions. Apator, Diehl Metering, Discovergy, eBZ, Elvaco, GWF MessSysteme, Heinz Lackmann, Landis + Gyr, Lansen Systems, NZR, PiiGAB, Relay, Sagemcom, Solvimus and Sontex invite visitors to discover new products and services at their booths.
OMS AG3 Testing Norm: Call for Contributions

With more than 50 certified products the OMS-Group contributes to interoperable solutions for smart metering. The working group OMS AG3 is responsible for defining, developing, and releasing the test procedures.

With the release of Annex M of the OMS Specification, a major step toward bidirectional use cases was achieved at the OMS General Meeting 2021. Now it is in the scope of AG3 to integrate these functions into the OMS Conformance Test Tool. Therefore, we require contributions on
  • Defining test procedures according to the use cases in Annex M
  • Qualifying the Test Tool implementation according to the test case descriptions
  • Getting access to bidirectional devices/prototypes that can be used as DUT (device under test)
If you intend to support the success of the OMS Certification, please contact the OMS Office.
OMS-Group is Delighted to Welcome Three New Members: Conlog, G2 misuratori and Holosys

Conlog Pty Ltd is renowned for design and innovation and holds more than 200 patents and trademarks. As a proudly South African business, Conlog has headquarters at the Dube Trade Port in Durban with a presence in over 50 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Conlog has a global footprint with a base of over 12 million Smart meters and Prepaid Solutions servicing over 90 Utilities and providing access to power for more than 50 million households. Conlog has a history of manufacturing metering solutions for over 50 years and is recognized as a premium brand in the prepayment metering markets. Conlog focuses on customer centricity to create value through innovation for the products, services, and platform lines of the business as well as focus on markets, revenue, and offers to deliver growth.

Why did Conlog Pty Ltd become an OMS-Group member?
To design, manufacture, and supply OMS compliant water and electricity metering products. G2 misuratori s.r.l. from Italy was founded in 1997 as a manufacturer of high metrological level water meters (currently up to R1000) with the aim of meeting the needs of Utilities/Municipalities. The primary objective is customer satisfaction, pursuing quality in design, in production exclusively "made in Italy", and in the products. Production (plastic moulding, brass machining, assembly, and hydraulic testing) is carried out exclusively in European countries, using the most modern production and control equipment to ensure the highest possible quality standards. In order to meet the demands of the market and the continuous technological evolution, G2 MISURATORI has developed new smart meters, complete with radio modules on 868Mhz frequency and W-Mbus OMS, LoRaWAN, NB-Iot protocols. In its evolution, G2 MISURATORI has introduced a series of wireless IoT solutions, developing in its Electronics Laboratory various radio systems for the management of car parks, waste bins, and smart meters, using sensors that communicate with the radio.

Why did G2 misuratori s.r.l. become an OMS-Group member?
It is a protocol required at European level. G2 misuratori s.r.l. believe that since it is a de facto standard, it will become more and more widespread. Also, because they believe it is important that their devices can be interfaced with different platforms without the need for dedicated software. Holosys d.o.o. from Croatia is an ICT company that provides advanced electronic IoT devices and solutions. The company's focus is on developing and manufacturing Automatic Meter Reading devices using the latest technologies in the industry (NB -IoT, LTE-M, wireless M-Bus). Their portfolio consists of more than 30 devices (pulse readers, repeaters, receivers, sensors, gateways, antennas) as well as supporting software and platforms for remote reading of water, gas, electricity, and heat consumption. Holosys' solutions are deployed on five continents in more than 50 countries.

Why did Holosys become an OMS-Group member?
Holosys wanted to become an OMS-Group member so that they are completely aligned with the open metering system incorporated within European regulations. For them, this membership enables a higher market reach and having a wider customer base.
Large Increase to 58 OMS-Certified Devices in Product Listing

The number of OMS-certified devices has grown by leaps and bounds. Six more OMS Generation 4 devices have been added to the product listing since March: G2 misuratori contributes the "G2-IPS-C868WMB", an OMS module with an integrated inductive sensor for water meters and the "G2-RF-S868WMB", an OMS module for cable connection to external sensors. This was followed by a new device from UAB Axioma Metering, "Qalcosonic W1", a smart ultrasonic water meter with integrated radio communication and the "Hydrus 2.0 Residential" from Diehl Metering, an ultrasonic water meter. The latest submissions are two devices from Maddalena: The "ElecTo Sj", an electronic single jet meter and the "Arrow Wan 2", a LoRaWAN and WMBus add-on radio module. In addition, some certificates were extended for existing devices.

OMS certification ensures compatibility with the OMS Specification and opens a broad market for manufacturers of interoperable smart meters. Currently 58 devices are listed on the OMS website.
Introduction of the Current OMS Executive Board Members: Andreas Bolder and Volker Eck

Andreas Bolder, manager of the metering related technical association activities for the companies of the BRUNATA-METRONA Group, was re-elected to the OMS-Group Executive Board at the General Meeting 2021 and appointed by the Board to his function as spokesperson for the second term. He joined the OMS-Group's Executive Board in 2015.

"The next three years will be an interesting time, and I am looking forward to the new mix within the Board in terms of culture, age, and background," Mr Bolder stated at the General Meeting 2021. For many years, Andreas Bolder has been and continues to be active in several associations. These include, among others, AGME AA “Wasserzähler”, ARGE HeiWaKo, CEN/TC 294 “Communication systems for meters”, DKE/K 461 „Messeinrichtungen und -systeme für Elektrizität“, DKE/TBINK.AK_BMWi_BSI “Austausch zu den BMWi/BSI Taskforces Smart Grid, Smart Metering und Smart Mobility”, DIN NA 041-03-66 AA “Kommunikationssysteme für Zähler (SpA CEN/TC 294)", DIN NA 119-07-08 AA “Wassermessung (SpA CEN/TC 92)”, OMS-Group AG1 Primary communication and VDDW “FA Wasser und Thermische Energie”.

After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences – in 1991, he worked at RheinEnergie and its legal predecessors in various functions in the field of metering service management and the state-recognised testing authorities. During his last years at RheinEnergie, he was responsible for the remote reading of meters of all media and the provision of meter data to postprocessing systems. From December 2010 to the end of 2016, he was employed by Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service, working as a Senior Energy Expert for the Business Development of Energy Services.

Volker Eck, Managing Director at QUNDIS GmbH in Erfurt, Germany, was also re-elected to the OMS-Group Executive Board at the General Meeting 2021. He joined the OMS-Group's Executive Board in 2018.

Volker Eck is a degreed Engineer for Commercial Information Technology and Mechanical Engineer for Automation Technology. After his studies, he started his professional life in 1995 as Business Unit Manager at ELSTER Messtechnik GmbH (Lampertheim, Germany). From 2005 he was a Member of the Management Board at Kalorimeta AG & Co. KG (Hamburg, Germany).
News from the Executive Board

The 2nd meeting of the OMS Executive Board took place May 12, in Nuremberg. Although not every Board member could attend in person, it was good to see each other again and to refresh one’s own social skills after months of virtual communication.

The OMS-Group sees itself in a solid condition. The annual financial statement for 2021 was presented by the auditor and everything is as supposed. Also, we are happy to have grown by four members since the beginning of this year, as you can read in this news4all. To me this is also a sign that not only the work delivered by the OMS-Group is attractive but also the OMS-Group itself gives a benefit to its members.

So, we look with confidence at the tasks lying ahead. As already written in my last report, the negotiations with the certification institutes about branding OMS-certified devices with an OMS certification mark are well underway, as is the continuous development of the OMS Specifications to keep our promise of an open and interoperable communication protocol for metering devices and sensors related to metering, based on European Standards. The specifications for bi-directional radio communication will lead to new products. To have them certified we are working on the extension of the OMS Conformance Test Specification and the OMS Conformance Test Tool.

End of June we will have the 1st “Dialogue with the Board”, open for every OMS member. This will be a new opportunity for us to get feedback from those members not active in the OMS-Group and will help us to see if the course we have set for the OMS-Group leads in the right direction. I am really looking forward to that event and will report on the outcome in the next news4all, so keep connected.

Andreas Bolder
Spokesperson of the Executive Board
Events 2022

Meet the OMS experts! Here are some of the dates to mark in your calendar:

  • E-world energy & water, Essen, June 21–23, 2022

  • metering days, Fulda, October 11–12, 2022

  • Enlit Europe, Frankfurt am Main, November 29 – December 1, 2022

  • OMS General Meeting, December 8, 2022

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