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We look forward to meeting you in person again at Enlit in Milan, that takes place from November 30th to December 2nd. Our Working Group Marketing was deeply involved in the organization of our joint booth and the exhibition of the product wall. This year we are proud to present almost 50 devices, provided by more than 20 OMS members.

This newsletter provides all the details and keeps you informed about many other news of the OMS Group. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Charles van Dyck
Head of the OMS Working Group Marketing
OMS over LoRaWAN – OMS-Group and LoRa Alliance® Optimize Smart Utilities Transmissions

The OMS-Group and LoRa Alliance® announce a new liaison to standardize smart metering IoT applications through the combined use of OMS and LoRaWAN® standards. In a joint task force, the organizations have specified a standard use of the Open Metering System (OMS) metering language over LoRaWAN. The new specification reduces the complexity and cost of integration for utilities, which in turn increases their return on investment (ROI). A joint demo of OMS over LoRaWAN will be shown at Enlit, taking place Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, 2021, in Milan.

To learn more about and see the OMS over LoRaWAN proof of concept, please visit the organizations in their respective booths at Enlit: OMS-Group – booth 8.B50, LoRa Alliance – booth 8.G90.
OMS is back again at Enlit – Visit our extended Product Wall!

OMS-Group will be exhibiting 49 interoperable metering devices at Enlit Europe 2021 in Milan. From November 30th to December 2nd, 21 OMS members will present their product developments. In addition, OMS experts will provide information on product certification, product listings as well as the conformance test tool. The location of the booth is 8.B50.

The products will be showcased in a large and clearly arranged product wall that provides exhibition windows for products individually. The exhibition will be accompanied by an online product catalogue that gives brief product profiles. The product wall is organized by the OMS Working Group Marketing (AG5).

Exhibiting companies are Apator, Axioma, Bmeters, Carlo Gavazzi, Diehl Metering, Ei Electronics, Elvaco, Engelmann, Friendcom, Ing. Büro H. Lertes, Integra Metering, Kamstrup, Lansen, Maddalena, PiiGAB, Qundis, Relay, Sensus, Sinapsi, Wehrle and Weptech.
Sensors integrated in OMS Application Layer – Technical Report available

The OMS application layer for consumption meters and actuators has been extended to include sensors. The basic description on how to integrate interoperable sensors into the Open Metering System (OMS) was published in the OMS-Group’s Technical Report 05 (OMS-TR05). The development was driven by the OMS Task Force “Sensors” that was supported by many OMS members.

OMS-Group Executive Board’s member, Wolfgang Esch said: “We are pleased to announce that for applications in the areas of smart metering, smart building and smart city, there is now the desired extension. From metering to actuators and sensors, integration has been made much easier.” It simplifies the evaluation of the data on platforms and cloud systems and turns the layer into a communication center for everything related to smart metering.
Outlook on Meter Interoperability – OMS-Group at HeiKo 2021

With an outlook on meter interoperability, the OMS-Group was represented at HeiKo 2021. The Congress of Independent Heating Cost Accounting Companies took place from October 5 to 6 in Kassel, Germany. Hartmut Michels, member of the OMS Working Group Marketing (AG5), pointed to the revision of the heating costs’ regulation: "The interoperability of metering devices is mandatory." According to this, all submetering devices in Germany must be upgraded to remote reading by the end of 2026.

Michels emphasized that due to the consistent work of OMS, especially with regard to the BSI guidelines and the wide range of OMS devices, a very high percentage of OMS devices will be used. For the metering industry, this is the consistent continuation of digitalization in buildings. In Germany, more than 100 million measuring devices such as heat cost allocators, water meters and heat meters are affected. Additionally, there are more than 40 million type C smoke detectors, which are also oriented to the OMS standard.

10 new OMS Certified Devices were Accepted for the Product Listing

The OMS product listing is on its way to the 50th product. 10 new OMS certified devices have been listed since the last newsletter in May.

Manufacturer Product Profile
Apator ULTRIMIS ultra-sonic water meter
ARAD Wall Moint XTR not specified
Carlo Gavazzi EM24W1 electricity meter
Integra TOPAS SONIC (TSO) OMS interface for water meters
Sensus Sensus Compact RF radio module
  iPearl static water meter
  Sensus Pulse RF radio module
Sontex Sontex 868 heat cost allocator
  Superaqua 1 water meter
  Supercom 587 radio module

The OMS certification ensures conformance with the OMS Specification and opens the market for interoperable smart meters.
Welcome to ista International GmbH – our member No 68!

ista International is a submetering provider, based in Europe and represented in 22 countries. Their data-based products and services make individual energy consumption transparent so the residents can manage their consumption, save energy, additional costs and avoid CO2. ista’s product and service world is digital based. ista operates more than 30 million connected devices and provides services in more than 12 million apartments.

Why did ista International GmbH become an OMS-Group member?
ista supports their clients in digitizing real estate. The device infrastructure makes smooth building data management possible. ista would like to give their customers the highest degree of flexibility to choose the systems that fits best for their requirements – e. g. the bidirectional ista radio system or the OMS standard. Thus, ista will be engaged in the development of the OMS standard of the future.
News from the OMS-Group's Executive Board

With the year 2021 quickly coming to an end, the OMS-Group is looking forward to its annual highlight, the General Meeting. With this year’s GM, a new Executive Board will be elected to lead the OMS-Group through the next three years. Hopefully, the future period will be as successful as this last period has been.
Just to name a few highlights:
  • Continuous growth of members within Europe and around the globe.
  • Continuous enhancement of the OMS Specifications to make OMS the application for metering related services.
  • Growing recognition of the OMS Specification by companies and authorities as the interoperable meter communications protocol.
The OMS-Group has been accepted as a regular member of the Gateway Standardization Committee (AGwS), hosted by the German Ministry of Economics. This committee must be heard before any changes of the Protection Profiles or Technical Guidelines of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) regarding the Smart Meter Gateway become operative. This autumn, a new version of the Technical Guideline BSI TR-03109-1 “Requirements for the interoperability of the communication unit of an intelligent metering system” was heard before the AGwS. The OMS-Group, represented by its Board spokesperson, made substantial comments regarding the interoperability aspects in the new version. As a result, there is now always an additional reference to the OMS Specification and its Annexes when the Guideline references the EN 13757 series regarding wireless meter communication.

As German legislation intends to accomplish the requirements of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive regarding interoperability by making remote readable meters connectible to the Smart Mater Gateway, the OMS-Group has once again proven to be state-of-the-art for wireless meter communication.

To sum up, the last three years heading the OMS-Group have been exciting and fun, and it has always been enlightening to discuss with fellow Board members and all members of the OMS-Group. I would like to thank everybody who has put his or her effort into the progress of the OMS-Group. Thank you – and keep up the good work. In my opinion, the OMS-Group is very well positioned. And of course, there are some open issues along the road for the new Board. But otherwise, life would be boring.

By Andreas Bolder, Spokesperson of the Board
Events 2021

Meet the OMS experts! Here are some of the dates to mark in your calendar:

  • gat | wat 2021, Cologne, November 24–25, 2021

  • Enlit Europe, Milan, November 30–December 2, 2021

  • OMS General Meeting, Web meeting, December 9, 2021

  • E-world energy & water, Essen, February 8–10, 2022

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