Intelligent OMS-meters...

...provide the open communications standard for measuring consumption of electric power, gas, water and heat.


In order to standardise communications of consumption measurement suppliers have joined forces to develop the Open Metering System Specification based on the European standard EN 13757-x. Thus OMS-meters talk the same language, are interoperable - independent from the supplier they come from or the kind of consumption they record.

Intelligent OMS-Meters are a must if it comes to save energy with help of smart grid and smart homes as well as for the optimal integration of renewable energy from wind or sun.

OMS is compatible with a widely used KNX Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3 = EN 50090). Therefore measurement of consumption can easily be directly connected to systems for building automation, e.g. energy management. Thus OMS also allows to cost efficiently establish the preconditions for future services like tariff and load management.

For operators of consumption measurement like municipal utilities OMS-meters are a future proof investment: interoperability between meters from all sources and the intelligent measurements openes new opportunities.

Meet the OMS Team at the European Utility Week!

The European Utility Week is the most important meeting point for the smart utility community. This year, the annual event will take place in Barcelona, Spain, November 15–17, 2016. The OMS-Group team is looking forward to...[more]

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gat und wat – Trade fair for gas and water

gas industry convention, water industry convention - Essen, Germany[more]


European Utility Week 2016

Barcelona, Spain[more]

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