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At this year's "E-world energy & water", the trade fair for the European energy industry, taking place in Essen, Germany from May 23rd to 25th, nearly twenty OMS-Group members will present their interoperable metering solutions, you can read about it here below. This newsletter also introduces several newly OMS-certified devices and highlights a new addition to the OMS membership.

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19 Member Companies of the OMS-Group at E-world 2023

image 19 member companies of the OMS-Group are set to participate in E-world in Essen from May 23rd.They will showcase their intelligent metering systems and interoperable smart meter solutions. Apator, Diehl Metering, DZG, eBZ, Elvaco, Friendcom, Heinz Lackmann, Iskraemeco, Landis + Gyr, Lansen Systems, Maddalena, NZR, PHYSEC, Relay, Sagemcom, Solvimus, Sontex, WEPTECH elektronik and Zenner invite visitors to visit their exhibition booths. There, attendees can discover the latest OMS product developments and services while engaging in informative discussions with European metering experts.

During this year's E-world, the metering industry will place a significant emphasis on the recently passed law by the German Bundestag in April, aiming to revitalise the digitalisation of the energy transition. The primary objective is to streamline and expedite the installation process of intelligent smart meters by reducing bureaucratic hurdles.
Significant Increase to 75 Devices in OMS Product Listing

The number of OMS-certified devices has grown by 10% since April 2023 – with seven new devices supporting OMS Generation 4.


B Meters contributes the "IWM-TX5", a wireless M-Bus module for water meters. This was followed by three new devices from Zenner, "zelsius®C5-CMF", "zelsius®C5-ISF", "zelsius®C5-IUF", all thermal energy measurement instruments with single-jet flow sensor, capsule flow sensor or ultrasonic flow sensor. In addition, the first device from Badger Meter was OMS-certified – the "E-Series G2", an ultrasonic water meter. The latest submissions are two devices from Sensus: the "PolluStat", a compact heating/cooling meter, and the "PolluTherm F", an integrator for measuring heating and cooling energy. Furthermore, some certificates and datasheets for existing devices were extended or renewed.

OMS certification ensures compatibility with the OMS Specification and opens a broad market for manufacturers of interoperable smart meters. Currently, 75 devices are listed on the OMS website.
A Warm Welcome to Our New Member: NASYS OÜ

Nordic Automation Systems (NAS) is a technology company that specialises in developing and manufacturing wireless Internet of Things (IoT) systems for smart metering, smart city, and smart building applications. NAS's solutions include wireless sensors, gateways, and cloud-based software platforms that enable remote monitoring and management of energy consumption, water usage, and other environmental parameters under the brands of NAS Lighting for luminaire controllers, NAS Metering for add-on modules to existing meters and Metromatic for freshly developed water meters. NAS's technology is designed to be easy to install, highly scalable, and energy-efficient, making it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. With a global customer base, NAS has won multiple for its innovative IoT solutions.

Why did NASYS OÜ become an OMS-Group member?
By joining the Open Metering System (OMS), NAS gains access to a widely accepted open standard for smart metering. This promotes interoperability between different devices and manufacturers, gives NAS a competitive advantage and allows them to influence the development of the standard, while enabling a better collaboration with other members of the industry.
22.000 Visits from 152 Countries on OMS-Group Website in 2022

image The website of the OMS-Group is gaining in popularity. We received 22.000 visits from 152 countries across the word in 2022, which are highlighted in the adjacent image. We already received over 8.100 visits during the first four months of the current year. The OMS website currently gets the most hits from Germany, the USA, India, Italy, and China.

image The OMS website is the only comprehensive source of information about the OMS-Group member companies, the interoperable OMS standard and its Specification, the OMS Conformance Test Tool for device testing. You can also find all OMS-certified products from our members, many useful videos and information, including events such as the Enlit Europe in Paris, where the OMS-Group will be once more present with a booth featuring the OMS Product Wall.

Smart Meter Relaunch in Germany – Overview by OMS

Driven by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, the legislator is going to relaunch the digitisation of the energy transition and furthermore to accelerate the smart meter rollout in Germany. On May 12th, 2023, the Federal Council approved the legislation known as GNDEW (Gesetz zum Neustart der Digitalisierung der Energiewende), paving the way for the restart of the digitisation of the energy transition.


The implementation of the GNDEW will significantly impact the German energy market, particularly the ongoing smart meter gateway (SMGW) rollout. Public utilities and energy providers are likely to accelerate their rollout plans, leading to faster installation of SMGWs in buildings compared to the past. The GNDEW introduces various legal innovations to the German energy sector and in addition, to the submetering market. According to the legislator’s plan, the SMGW will serve as the centralised communication platform for buildings in future, ensuring maximum data protection and security. Submetering, or the transmission of submeter data through the SMGW infrastructure, is already an available service.

image QUNDIS, as a member of the OMS-Group and a leading provider for submetering solutions in Germany, is at the forefront of the market as one of the early adopters. They are already capable to provide customers a SMGW-ready connection to transmit submeter data in compliance with the requirements set by the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI). Specifically: OMS metering devices wirelessly transmit data to a submetering unit, which is then connected to the SMGW. The submetering unit is configured with customised settings to transmit the metering data over the SMGW to a specified back-end destination.

Text: Ingo Stracke, Member of the OMS Working Group Marketing
© Photos: QUNDIS
Events 2023

Meet the OMS experts! Here are some of the dates to mark in your calendar:

  • E-world energy & water, Essen, May 23–25, 2023

  • OMS Extraordinary General Meeting, June 19, 2023 (for OMS members only)

  • metering days, Fulda, October 17–18, 2023

  • Enlit Europe, Paris, November 28–30, 2023

  • OMS General Meeting, December 7, 2023
    (for OMS members only)

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