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Open Metering System

The OMS-Group e. V.

The OMS-Group e. V. is a community of interest of associations, presently figawa annd KNX, with enterprises in the area of metering relevant to accounting. With the Open Metering System Specification the OMS-Group has developed an open, vendor independent standard for communication interfaces and basic requirements.


The Open Metering System

The Open Metering System (OMS) is the only system definition across Europe which integrates all media (electricity, gas, heat and water incl. submetering) into one system. It was developed by the industry in order to guarantee a future-proof communication standard and interoperability between all the meter products.

The OMS specification is open and patent-free

The OMS specification describes the two-way communication between an OMS device, for example a smart meter, and a communication system installed in a building. The OMS specification is patent-free and publicly available. Thus it can be used by every interested party without any restriction.