Statutes & Membership fees

Membership Fee

As per the resolution of the General Meeting on 8 December 2022 (web meeting)


The memberhship fee for 2023

annual € 2,500.00


New members pay a one-time registration fee at their registration. This fee depends on the company size as follows:


Companys with up to 12 employees

€ 2,000.00


Companys with 13 to 99 employees

€ 4,000.00


Companys with 100 to 499 employees

€ 6,700.00


Companys with 500 or more employees

€ 9,900.00

Articles of Association OMS-Group e. V.

This new version of the Articles of Association was resolved at the General Meeting on 2023-12-07 and entered in the register of associations at the District Court of Cologne under VR 18964 on 2024-02-14 with the following annexes:

  • Annex 11(4)-1 to Articles of Association: OMS IPR Policy 20240214
  • Annex 12(2)-1 to Articles of Association: Regulations of Use OMS CERTIFIED RC 20221013
  • Annex 12(2)-2 to Articles of Association: Regulations of Use OMS CERTIFIED RT 20220601

The German version of these Articles of Association is the legally binding version.