Meter operators such as public utility companies are making a future-proof investment in an interoperable meter park with OMS meters.

Meter operators have opened up new perspectives through the use of OMS meters:

  • OMS is a future-proof communication standard as it is based on European norms and is supported by the industry
  • The meter park is fully compatible and interoperable
  • Free selection of suppliers: OMS meters from different manufacturers can easily be combined
  • Planning reliability: the investment in the meter park retains its value in the long term
  • Direct communication is possible with the specially designed meters: reading out the consumption, control of the meters, localisation of faulty meters or leakages, disconnection of meters etc.
  • For the data visualisation (consumption display) as well as the integration of building automation (Smart Home) for the consumer, ISO/IEC 14543-3 = EN 50090 (KNX) was incorporated in the OMS application profile. KNX installations can gain additional value from OMS meters without a great deal of effort as they likewise use S mode for wireless communication in accordance with EN13757-4.
  • Metering of different media or a medium with different characteristics such as different qualities of gas (natural gas, biogas)
  • Improvement of customer loyalty: monthly billing, transparent consumption, new products and additional benefits possible
  • OMS meters enable the introduction of Smart Grids for the reduction of energy consumption, improved integration of renewable energie

OMS meters are an essential part of the energy landscape of the future.

OMS in Your Product

OMS is an open communication standard based on European norms and is not a proprietary solution of a single manufacturer. The Open Metering System is therefore best suited to be used as a long-term, stable interface in all congeneric products which access consumption data – for example in intelligent homes or buildings.


An interface is made available for data visualisation (consumption display), integration of the building automation for the end customer as well as for future services such as tariff or load management. This interface is fully compatible with the widely used KNX standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3 = EN 50090).


As a manufacturer, you can join the OMS-Group e.V. or simply use the standard for your product which we have developed and published here.

Intelligent OMS meters are the basis for the reduction in energy consumption

Intelligent meters for electricity, gas, water and heating are required to reduce the energy consumption. They are the basis for Smart Grids i.e. intelligent networks which can optimise consumption and integrate renewable energy. Only in this way can the ambitious goals of CO2 reduction be achieved which the states of the European Union have decreed and only in this way can the dependence of energy supplying states be reduced.


The meter parks of public utility companies in Europe have not been suitable until now, the meters of different manufacturers are not compatible with each other and do not supply the data required by intelligent networks. The manufacturers have thus formed the OMS-Group e.V. and developed the OMS specification from the European normEN 13757-x.


It is now the task of the regulator to create the legal prerequisites for the widespread use of OMS meters.

  • Energy saving through current consumption data
  • Foundation for Smart Grids, Smart Homes, integration of renewables
  • Guaranteed interoperability of all OMS meters
  • Complies with Brussels standards (EN 13757-x, CO2 reduction)
  • Competition for meter products is given
  • Timely billing of the consumption (e.g. monthly) avoids social problems due to high back payments
  • Open for a wide variety of tariff models: prepaid, timely billing, variable tariffs, ripple control
  • Open for all trade models: purchasing, selling, separate billing, circulation and balancing out
  • Suitable for mass rollout as it is based on solid European norms and on a technology which is controlled and used by many manufacturers.