OMS-Group e. V.

The OMS-Group is a nonprofit organization and interest group of meter manufacturers, utilities, meter operators, electronics manufacturers, communication firms, and IT companies.


Why OMS?

The Formation

The Open Metering System initiative started to develop an interoperable communication system for future-proof measurement systems in 2007. The OMS-Group e. V. was founded in 2015. Founding members are figawa, the German Federal Association of Gas and Water Companies, based in Cologne, and KNX Association, based in Brussels, as well as more than 50 companies from Europe.


Statues and Membership Fee    Board and Working Groups

The Result

A result of their work is a sustainable communication protocol for digital metering systems that guarantees the interoperability between all metering products and is distributed patent-free via the Internet.



Certificated Products

FHKV radio4

Electronic heat cost allocator with OMS interface

Generation: 3

Security Profil: A

Sensus CompactRF

radio modul

Generation: 4

Security Profil: A/B

Measuring capsule heat meter type 4.1.1

Measuring capsule heat meter with OMS radio interface

Generation: 4

Security Profil: B

Q water 5.5

Water meter

Generation: 4

Security Profil: A