Conformance Test Tool

Your enabler of the certification – The OMS Test Tool

The OMS-Group has developed the OMS Test Specification and the Conformance Test Tool for OMS Generation 4 together with the Michael Rac GmbH. With this software tool, which can be purchased at the OMS Office by using the order form, manufacturers of OMS-capable devices can check compliance with the OMS generation 4 on their own. The latest version of the OMS Conformance Test Tool supports now a second, testable frequency of 434 MHz.


Video Tutorial for OMS Conformance Test Tool:


OMS-Conformance-Test-Specification 1.0.1
Deprecated / Not recommended for new development
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OMS-Conformance-Test-Specification 3.0.0
Deprecated / Not recommended for new development
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OMS-Conformance-Test-Specification 4.0 Release 3
Deprecated / Not recommended for new development
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OMS-Conformance-Test-Specification 4.0 Release 4
Deprecated / Not recommended for new development
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OMS-Conformance-Test-Specification 4.0 Release 5
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Conformance Test Tool

Order Form OMS Conformance Test Package
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Software Licence Agreement OMS Conformance Tester 4.0
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Example application form certification
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Application form certification
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