The OMS Newsletter “news4all“ is published four times a year and provides information on news and developments concerning the Open Metering System, the OMS specification and the OMS-Group including the members and the working groups.

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news4all 2/2020  Second Test Frequency // New OMS Devices​

news4all 1/2020  E-world 2020 // Rollout About to Begin​


news4all 4/2019  New Frequency for Conformance Test
news4all 3-2019  New OMS Devices | OMS Booth and Presentation at EUW
news4all 2-2019  Application of OMS in Sensor Technology
news4all 1-2019  "OMS Conformance Test Tool" for Metering Point Operators


news4all 4-2018  Rollout of 4.6 Million OMS-based Meters

news4all 3-2018  OMS Booth and Presentation at EUW

news4all 2-2018  Wiener Netze: Vienna becomes a Smart City

news4all 1-2018  OMS at the E-world energy & water 2018


news4all 4-2017  Ready for Rollout

news4all 3-2017  Meet us at the metering days!

news4all 2-2017  OMS Conformity and Certification

news4all 1-2017  Testing Tool for OMS Generation 4 Meters


news4all 4-2016  OMS at the European Utility Week

news4all 3-2016  Cooperation with the IDIS Association

news4all 2-2016  OMS certified products

news4all 1-2016  The OMS test tool for meter manufacturers