Board & Working Groups

Executive Board

Andreas Bolder

Spokesperson of the OMS-Group e. V.


Volker Eck



Ulrich Eff

DIEHL Metering GmbH


Wolfgang Esch

WEPTECH electronic GmbH


Jürgen Frech

Landis + Gyr GmbH

Jens Hørdum

Kamstrup A/S


Heinz Lux

KNX Association cvba


Volker Meyer

figawa e.V.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora

Offenburg University

Working Groups

The working groups have set themselves the goal of initiating innovations and further developments in the OMS Standard, as well as an increasingly open, manufacturer-independent standard for communications interfaces and integrating basic equipment requirements. This will be a significant contribution to improving competitiveness of the members and those, who use the OMS Standard.



AG 1

Primary communications

Definition of the interface for the primary communications (communications between meter and Gateway) based on EN 13757, the standard for the M-Bus, with a focus On Wireless M-Bus: clarification, containment and enhancement of the standardized characteristics

Convener: Uwe Pahl, QUNIDS GmbH



AG 3

Testing Norm

Definition of test specifications to achieve a certificate of interoperability based on the OMS-specification as well as development of appropriate procedures and tools for conformance tests

Convener: Jörg Feuchtmeier, Diehl Metering GmbH



AG 4

Wired M-Bus

Specification of the OMS application profiles for the wired M-bus (clarification, containment and enhancement of the standardized characteristics of the wired M-bus.

Convener: Andreas Papenheim, Relay GmbH



AG 5


Arrangements for the promotion of the OMS Specification and the OMS-Group e. V.

Convener: Jörg Fischer, Relay GmbH



AG 6

Data transfer from OMS to other systems

Specification of the data transfer from the interface OMS to the interface EN50491-11. As well as creating a test specification for a gateway to certify the data transfer.

Convener: Andreas Theurer, Wiener Netze GmbH (Vice-chairperson)