The OMS-Group e. V.

The OMS-Group e. V. is a community of interest of associations, presently figawa annd KNX, with enterprises in the area of metering relevant to accounting. With the "OMS metering system specification" the OMS-Group has developed and open, vendor independent standard for communications interfaces and basic requirements.

The Open Metering System

The Open Metering System (OMS) is the only system definition across Europe which integrates all media (electricity, gas, heat and water incl. submetering) into one system. It was developed by the industry in order to guarantee a future-proof communication standard and interoperability between all the meter products.

The Open Metering System specification

Since May 2007, several work groups of the Open Metering initiative have tested the application of existing norms for interoperable communication between measurement systems and have compiled additions and concretisations. For the data transfer defined as primary communication between the actual meters and the data concentrator (e.g. MUC), the currently applicable norm EN 13757-x was identified. It describes the M bus as a physical interface, both hard-wired and wireless, as well as the data protocol. Both the OMS specification and the KNX standard use the norm EN 13757-4 for wireless communication. Both measurement data and data from the building automation sector can be transferred via the same system.

Remote communication is solved with proven Internet standards whereby the transmission can either be carried out directly via a DSL connection in the house, via mobile phone networks such as GPRS or via the power cables with so-called PLC technology (Powerline Communications).

For the data visualisation (consumption display), the integration of the building automation at the end customer as well as future services such as tariff or load management, devices are used which follow the widely used KNX standard.

During the specification work, international issues were also considered since Smart Metering must also function across Europe. For harmonisation purposes, there was concurrence between the Dutch set of regulations NTA 8130/DSMR and KEMA.

The requirements for data security and access protection are taken into account as a decisive prerequisite for the acceptance of intelligent measurement systems.

The OMS-Group e.V. has already introduced the next steps for the implementation of the standard: a neutral authority will define a compulsory certification to ensure the compatibility of all devices in practice according to the OMS specification.

New Members of the OMS-Group

OMS-Group is happy to welcome three new members: Sinapsi Srl, KeepFocus A/S and EAD Systeme GmbH.[more]

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