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New Versions of the OMS Specifications

The OMS General Meeting 2021 confirmed the new release 2021-12 of the OMS specification which was issued by the OMS working group for primary communications (AG1). This release is part of the OMS Generation 4 specifications and consists of the new Annex C (Sensors) of Volume 2 and revisions of Volume 1 (General Part, version 2.2.2) including its Annex A (Release D) and Volume 2 (Primary Communication, version 4.4.2) including its Annexes A (Release D) and B (Release E).


The release 2021-12 can be downloaded from the OMS Specification website, which was revised during the past year. The table of the available specifications has been enhanced and a one-click download opportunity "ARCHIVE WITH FULL RELEASE" for all documents of one release has been added.


In the section of the OMS Technical Reports the new version 1.0.9 of the OMS Technical Report 05 is available.