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Integration of Interoperable Sensors into the Open Metering System (OMS)

Cologne, 19.08.2021 – The OMS application layer for consumption meters and actuators has been extended to include sensors. The Technical Report 05 (OMS-TR05) published by the OMS-Group describes the integration of interoperable sensors into the Open Metering System (OMS). Many member companies of the OMS-Group e. V. were part of a Task Force that was involved in the development.

“We are pleased to announce that for applications in the areas of smart metering, smart building and smart city, there is now the desired extension. From metering to actuators and sensors, integration has been made much easier," explains OMS-Group Executive Board’s member Wolfgang Esch (WEPTECH elektronik). This simplifies the evaluation of the data on platforms and cloud systems and turns the layer into a communication center for everything related to smart metering. "One application layer for many devices!”


Driven by the OMS Task Force Sensors, the OMS-TR05 version 1.0.6 has already been published on the OMS-Group's website. It describes the requirements of the Open Metering System for sensors including smoke alarm devices and defines the device types and data points that are used by OMS sensors. The OMS-TR05 is the basic specification for integration into the OMS standard and for the upcoming expansion of the OMS Conformance Test Tool.


The Open Metering System (OMS) communication standard developed by grid operators and the industry enables total compatibility of devices with metering equipment from all manufacturers and various supply areas – including submetering. OMS is based on the European-wide standard (EN 13757-x), is compatible with the widely-used KNX standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3 = EN 50090) and integrates all media (electricity, gas, water and thermal energy) in one system.


The "OMS Technical Report 05 Sensors", in the same way as all previously published TRs, can be downloaded here free of charge as a PDF:


The "OMS Technical Report 05 Sensors" is available at (Image: OMS-Group)