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OMS AG3 Testing Norm: Call for Contributions

With more than 50 certified products the OMS-Group contributes to interoperable solutions for smart metering. The working group OMS AG3 is responsible for defining, developing, and releasing the test procedures.


With the release of Annex M of the OMS Specification, a major step toward bidirectional use cases was achieved at the OMS General Meeting 2021. Now it is in the scope of AG3 to integrate these functions into the OMS Conformance Test Tool. 


Therefore, we require contributions on
● Defining test procedures according to the use cases in Annex M
● Qualifying the Test Tool implementation according to the test case descriptions
● Getting access to bidirectional devices/prototypes that can be used as DUT (device under test).


If you intend to support the success of the OMS Certification, please contact the OMS Office.