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The first smart meters based on OMS Generation 4 have been certified. Now, further devices will be tested by DVGW Cert, the independent certification body of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, for conformity with the current OMS specification.


Beside Landis+Gyr and Itron, as well Qundis and Kamstrup have already received the OMS certificate for their smart meters in 2017 and are listed under Certified Products on the OMS website. Additional meters by Diehl Metering and by Landis+Gyr have passed the DVGW lab test in December and will also be certified soon.


Generation 4 of the Open Metering System (OMS) communication system meets the requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). It complies with the Technical Guideline BSI-TR 03109 that requires encryption and authentication with certificates.


The OMS Group's open communication standard for smart metering enables full compatibility with measurement devices from other manufacturers and different segments of the utilities industry (electricity, gas, thermal energy, water, sub-metering). The interoperability of OMS smart meters is tested by the DVGW Cert using the OMS test specification.


In Germany, the OMS specification is required for the wireless Local Metrological Network (LMN) interface by the Technical Guideline BSI-TR 03109. Smart meters in Germany are to be connected to a system consisting of an electricity meter and a smart meter gateway (SMGW). However, smart meters according to OMS Generation 4 are not only relevant for Germany, they can also be used internationally.