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OMS-Group’s Membership Expands

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Cologne 28.04.2016 – The OMS-Group is pleased to announce its expanding membership. Five new member companies have joined the industry initiative which last year developed an open, non-proprietary patent-free smart metering solution for the electricity, gas, thermal energy, water and building automation sectors. They are: DNV GL, Eandis, Endetec Homerider Systems, Energy.dis and Maddalena. Currently, a total of 54 companies comprise the OMS-Group. The non-profit organization was founded in 2007 to develop a common standard for smart metering. Two associations were among the founding members: figawa, the Federal Association of Gas and Water companies and the KNX Association.

“We are pleased to gain more high-profile international experts for the OMS-Group”, said Werner Domschke, Board-Speaker and CEO of OMS-Group. “OMS-Group simplifies the introduction of smart metering and significantly expands the scope of the new technology so that efficiencies can be quickly achieved”.


New Members of the OMS-Group

DNV GL is a provider of certification, assessment, verification and training services, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with more than 1,500 employees worldwide in 100 countries. In 2012, the certification and advisory agency KEMA, headquartered in Arnhem, Netherlands, was integrated into the company. Within the “Intelligent Networks & Communication (INC)” department, they primarily support utilities in the implementation of smart grid models. For further information:


Eandis cvba is one of the largest network operators for electricity, natural gas, heating and public lighting headquartered in Melle, Belgium. In conjunction with the energy regulatory agency, UREG, it operates in 7 Flemish distribution networks. Eandis is active in 229 cities and municipalities throughout Flanders and has approximately 4,000 employees. For further information:


Endetec Homerider Systems, Endetec Homerider Systems, headquartered in Vienne, France is a provider of IoT solutions and since 2009 has been a part of the Veolia Group. The core business of the company provides technology and services for water management; as part of its portfolio, it also develops solutions for electricity and gas metering as well as for the Oil & Gas industry. The company is a market leader in its home country of France and is currently expanding its international presence. For further information:


Energy.dis GmbH is an international consulting and accounting service provider with headquarters in Brixen, Italy. The company serves the electricity sector in the areas of investment, consulting, engineering, administration and training. Recently, one of its priorities has been the development of smart metering solutions for electricity producers and network operators. For further information: -


Maddalena S.p.A, headquartered Povoletto, Italy, is one of the largest manufacturers of water meters and measuring instruments for thermal energy with a production output of over 2 million meters/year. The company’s products are certified by leading European as well as other European metrology bodies. For further information: