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Restructuring of the OMS-Group Executive Board

Cologne, January 27, 2022. – Ulrich Eff (DIEHL Metering) and Jens Hørdum (Kamstrup) were newly elected to the board of OMS-Group e. V. in December 2021. With the new additions, the nine-member OMS leadership team paves the way for interoperable metering throughout Europe and worldwide. The substantial voter turnout for the election is indicative of the organization’s members’ dedication.

Andreas Bolder (METRONA Union), Volker Eck (Qundis), Wolfgang Esch (WEPTECH), Jürgen Frech (Landis + Gyr), Heinz Lux (KNX), Volker Meyer (figawa) and Prof. Dr. Axel Sikora (Offenburg University of Applied Sciences) were confirmed to the board. Carsten Lorenz (Pietro Fiorentini) and Hermann Trottler (DIEHL Metering) resigned from the board. Andreas Bolder is looking forward to his third term in office, the second of which was served as Spokesman of the Board.

With its specification for open meter communication, the OMS-Group has become an international focal point in the field of smart metering. Many of its 69 members from 18 countries participated in the virtual General Meeting. The new board will lead the OMS-Group until the next board election in the fall of 2024.


The new Executive Board of the OMS-Group looks confidently into the future (from left to right): Volker Meyer (figawa), Jürgen Frech (Landis + Gyr), Wolfgang Esch (WEPTECH), Andreas Bolder (METRONA Union), Ulrich Eff (Diehl Metering), Volker Eck (Qundis), Prof. Dr. Axel Sikora (Offenburg University of Applied Sciences) and Jens Hørdum (Kamstrup). Not pictured is Heinz Lux (KNX). (Photo: OMS-Group e. V., Jörg Fischer)