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Broad Multi-Metering Initiative

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Cologne, November 4, 2016 – OMS-Group, the industry alliance for multi-energy smart metering, is happy to greet two new members.


Two new members joined the OMS-Group: the Danish company Brunata International A/S and the French corporation Sagemcom Energy & Telecom SAS. The nonprofit industry initiative OMS-Group has defined an interoperable, open, patent-free smart metering system that integrates the consumption data of all energy segments: electricity, gas, thermal energy, water, submetering and building automation.

“We are pleased to participate in the OMS-Group,” said Kaveh Razazian, CTO of the Energy Department of Sagemcom. “The participation of Sagemcom along with experts from various industries will result in the development of more effective and mature specifications in smart metering/grids and smart gateways promoted by OMS-Group. This will lead to new applications in the field of multi-energy meters with great efficiency.“

Keld Forchhammer, CEO of Brunata International A/S, said: “Brunata already markets several OMS products from various manufacturers and wants to stay informed first-hand about developments in the OMS specifications. Supporting open standards, and openness in general when it comes to data exchange remains a priority for Brunata and we are looking very much forward to joining the group of member companies.”


Brunata International A/S

Brunata is an international cleantech company based in Herlev, Denmark, a family-owned business with 100 years of experience in providing consumption metering, billing systems and services. Today, Brunata sells metering solutions in 17 countries and has around 500 employees worldwide. The company offers a broad range of electronic meters –energy, electricity, water, temperature, humidity meters and heat cost allocators. Brunata also covers the installation and maintenance of meters as well as meter reading, accounting, and billing, including energy cost allocation accounting and a breakdown of all energy costs for the housing sector and for commercial, industrial and public buildings.


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Sagemcom Energy & Telecom SAS

Sagemcom is an international high-tech group with headquarters in Rueil-Malmaison, France. The company designs, manufactures and ships more than 23 million communication terminals worldwide annually, among others set-top boxes, internet routers, multimedia terminals, and electricity meters. The group employs around 4,000 people in more than 40 countries on five continents. In the past 25 years, Sagemcom has supported clients by planning and implementing energy management projects and deploying secure, sustainable metering and information systems. The company has a strong background in smart grid infrastructure and the development of multi-energy meters.


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